Our Wedding - An origin story with Lillie Mae, 5 years before we owned the store

Where it all began...

We are going to a wedding show tomorrow and of course it gets me thinking of Tom and my first experience with Lillie Mae together. We wanted a really special wedding and in our search to make that wedding special we decided to give out Lillie Mae chocolates as favors to our guests (thank you mom and dad!). 

It was 1998 and I remember walking into the shop excited to try all the candies and trying to decide which one was going to be the special candy for our wedding. Little did we know that 5 years later we would be owning in the shop. We of course asked Buck and Georgia what the most popular chocolates were for weddings. Georgia smiled so warmly at us in her kind away, and definitely said the chocolate covered caramels. Of course she was right!!

There weren’t a lot of choices back then as far as packaging went and we settled on a white box with periwinkle tissue and a white cup around each chocolate. Man where they cool!!! Each chocolate covered caramel was lovingly, put into a white individual box. I don’t remember how many we got, but we had only a few extras. I do know that it was a very large wedding, and I remember Buck and Georgia asking us to tie the ribbons instead of having them tie them (I'm sure they were dreading having to tie all those bows).

Wedding favor chocolates

So home we went with over 325 individually boxed chocolates. And it became an assembly line of family members tying the boxes - a labor of love. I remember we had the Lillie Mae sticker on the inside because we were very proud to have chocolates from our hometown. They were so good!!

I remember when we placed them out at the tables it was just the perfect finished to the table. Little did we know that our guests would be fighting over them at the end of the night. Do you think I’m joking? Totally NOT!! People were waiting for someone to get up and go to the bathroom so they could steal their chocolate.

favor for our wedding

This was just one of the little moments in our lives that helped us to know just how special Lillie Mae was, and of course we didn’t know that 5 years later we would be walking into the shop with a brand new baby and a in a new passion for chocolate, caramel, and family business!!

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