Small Easter Eggs



Our small Easter Eggs are the treat that creates memories! Hand-dipped, handmade, and decorated for each order!! They can be customized to include the initials for your sweet.  You can choose decorations that are for a boy, girl, or neutral. Include 1 Tortush, 1 Caramel, 1 fudge, 3 creams, 1 Marshmallow, and Easter Candy. Include a Name Monogrammed (included whether they are male or female).

Available for pickup, shipping, or delivery starting March 28th. Get your order in - these are available in limited quantities

We are happy to ship our Easter confections and they usually arrive just great but we don’t guarantee they will arrive in one piece. We do our best to make sure that they do arrive safely and happily!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Theresa Walton
Wonderful for Big Kids

I got the small eggs and sent them to my kids in Texas and NYC. This is the 2nd year that I've done this and they both loved getting the eggs. When they were around 10 we would get the rabbit/hippo. So getting the eggs brought back memories. They also were delicious.

Megan Christofferson
Perfect family tradition

For 15 years, we've been getting the small chocolate Easter eggs. Our orders have grown, and the kids love this delicious tradition!

Brook Otto

It was delicious and looked fantastic!

Lisa Koester
Awesome Easter Eggs

My grandchildren all loved the gifts. So fun.

Abigail Pelzer
A new tradition

We loved the Easter Eggs and especially the opportunity to personalize them with a name. Each of us really had fun breaking it open & enjoying all the goodies inside. A new Easter tradition!